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Course Name : Business Analyst Training

Code :XITM-BM-BA001
Duration : 3 Weeks (24 Hrs)
Price :$ 1500
Course Offering :

Our Business Analyst Training Course is geared specifically to the Business Analysts (BA) and the knowledge they must have to effectively define scope and requirements for a project. During this course, the Business Analyst will learn the steps, tools and techniques to elicit, write and manage requirements. 

Target Audience 

Ø  Individuals responsible for capturing and documenting requirements

Ø  Benefits all Project Stakeholders involved in developing, reviewing and approving requirements.

Training Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Business Requirements Analysis 

Ø  Why does a business look for an Analyst?

Ø  Primary Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

Section 2: Requirements Gathering and Elicitation

Ø  What is Gathering?

Ø  What is Elicitation?

Ø  Difference between the two

Ø  Gathering and Elicitation Techniques

Ø  Different Types of Requirements

Ø  Where they fit in SDLC?

Section 3: Documentation is crucial 

Ø  Different types of Requirement Documents

Ø  Useful Diagrams

Ø  Test Plans and Use Cases

Ø  Tools that can be used 

Section 4: Soft Skills needed for a BA  

Ø  Listening

Ø  Understand Users' needs vs Wants

Ø  Analysis

Ø  Oral and Written Communication

Ø  Facilitation of meetings

Ø  Bridging communication between several players 

Section 5: Soft Skills needed for a BA  

Ø  Technical knowledge

Ø  Database knowledge

Ø  Testing skills

Section 6: Final Review and Question & Answers

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