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Course Name : Software Testing (Quality Assurance) Training

Duration : 12 Weeks
Price :$ 1500
Course Offering :

Our course covers basic terms, concepts and fundamentals of Software Testing including software development life cycle, testing processes, and tools/ technologies used for software defect/ bug management. The course will also cover various testing strategies, approaches and testing types for both manual and automated testing.

 Target Audience 

Ø  Anyone who wants to switch their career to IT Software Testing (Quality Assurance) engineer


Ø  Knowledge of computers, MS Office, any other Computer courses 

Training Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Ø  What is software testing?

Ø  Purpose of testing

Ø  Principles & Fundamentals

Ø  Client Server Architectures

Ø  Documents involved

Ø  Roles and artifacts

Ø  Product Quality Changes


Ø  Cost of ineffective testing

Ø  Requirements

Ø  Releases, Builds, Cycles and Iterations

Section 2: Manual Testing

Ø  Testing concepts

Ø  Software Quality Dimensions

Ø  Testing stages

Ø  Types of Testing

Ø  Measures of Testing

Ø  Test Matrix

Ø  Requirements elicitations and analysis

Ø  Plan & Design

o   Test case naming

o   Qualities of good test case

o   Test case design best practices and considerations

o   Test planning

o   Test Designing

o   Test data

o   Test preconditions

o   Test Post Conditions

Ø  Test Execution

Ø  Test Results tracking

Ø  Test Results Evaluation

Ø  Test Deliverables

Ø  Requirement Traceability

Ø  Defect tracking & workflow

Ø  Backend testing concepts

Ø  What is middleware testing?

Ø  Test Environments

Section 3: Miscellaneous concepts

Ø  Remote Desktop connection

Ø  Configuration files

Ø  Registry

Ø  Version controlling

Ø  Outlook

Ø  SharePoint

Ø  Standard Operating Procedures

Section 4: SQL & RDBMS Techniques

Ø  Discuss ANSI SQL

Ø  SQL Queries (DDL, DML, DCL) for backend testing

Ø  Functions, Stored procedures and triggers concepts required for testing

Ø  Database replication concepts

Section 5: HP Quality Center (HP ALM) Concepts

Ø  Testing process

Ø  Managing Requirements

Ø  Managing Releases & Cycles

Ø  Test planning & designing

Ø  Test execution

Ø  Test coverage & metrics

Ø  Template tests

Ø  Test parameterization

Ø  Managing Defects

Ø  Defects life cycle and more…

Section 6: QTP

Ø  Benefits of Automation

Ø  Concepts & QTP Testing Process

Ø  Addins

Ø  QTP Views & Tools

Ø  Test & Run-time objects

Ø  Object Repositories

Ø  Recording Modes

Ø  Actions

Ø  Standards & Best practices

Ø  Setting up the tool

Ø  Different Variables

Ø  Object Properties & Verification

Ø  Parameterization

Ø  Synchronization

Ø  Data Tables

Ø  Recovery scenarios

Ø  Test Results

Ø  Basic VB Scripting concepts

Section 7: Reading material where ever necessary

Section 8: Homework

Section 9: Interview discussions

Section 10: FAQs 

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