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Course Name : .Net Training Curriculum

Code :XITM-IT-.Net01
Duration : 30 Sessions
Price :$ 0
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Part – I: NET Framework Fundamentals

Ø  Introduction to NET Framework, Modules of NET, Applications of NET

Ø  NET Versions, Overview of Visual Studio, System Requirements

Ø  NET Features and Advantages

Ø  NET Framework Architecture, Assemblies, MSIL, BCL, CLR, CTS, CLS

Ø  Getting started with Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

 Part – II: C#/VBNET

Ø  C#/VBNet Language Basics

Ø  Object Oriented Programming

Ø  Collections and Generics

 Part – III:Intro To DataBase

Ø  Relational  Database Concepts

Ø  Structured Query Language

Ø  Stored Procedures

Ø  Functions

Ø  Triggers 

Part – IV: Windows Forms Application Development

Ø  Windows Forms Application Development

Ø  Database Programming with ADONET 

Part – V: Web Application Development    

Ø  Intro And Fundas to Web Application

Ø  Basic Concepts Of AspNet

Ø  Basic Controls  In AspNet

Ø  Web UserControl And Master Pages 

Ø  Intro to XML

Ø  Virtual Directory and IIS concepts

Ø  Themes And Skins

Ø  State Management In AspNet 

Ø  SqlServer Integration 

Ø  WebConfig


Ø  Web Services

Ø  Overview Of MVC

Ø  Overview Of WPF,WCF

Ø  Language Integration Concepts(LINQ)   

Part - VI: VBNET

Ø  VBNET Language Basics


Ø  Object Oriented Programming

Ø  Windows Forms, Application Development, Websites Development

Ø  Web sites Development

Ø  Database Programming with ADONET 


Ø  Intro to Jquery

Ø  Intro to HTML5

Ø  Intro to Entity Framework

Ø  Intro to Angular JS

Ø  Intro to WebAPI over Restful Services

Ø  Intro to MVC   


Ø  Will be covered in vbnet/c#net

Ø  All new technologies will be addressed by the faculty during teaching regular content ensuring complete awareness for the next future


Ø  Any other topics on request will be taught by our experienced faculty – Feel free to ask sub timings and availability 

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